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Nikki's Seamstress is on Woad High

Japan Charity Auction

A charity auction community has been recently set up on LiveJournal to gather donations for the victims of the tsunami/earthquake catastrophe in Japan.

To date there's about a thousand artists, crafters, writers and a lot of other talented people who are lending their services to anyone who is willing to donate to the relief fund. If you wish and have the time to spare, you can pitch in for the cause or check out the goods listed to see if there's anything that you might like. At any rate, both ways will still help a lot!!

I am also participating, if anyone is interested. I'm offering 3 full colour 3 sketch cards, or 1 9x12 drawing, depending on what the highest bidder will want. The bidding begins at $10.

This is my auction thread if you wish participate!

Thanks so much and I'll really appreciate it if you'll help spread the word around!

Links about the auction:

(any questions you have you might want to check this out)

(list of vetted funds to donate to - safer so one won't get scammed!)

Thanks so much, guys!!

Tags: art, charity auction, help_japan, sketchcards
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