Nikki's Seamstress is on Woad High (onion_sama) wrote,
Nikki's Seamstress is on Woad High


I haven't been posting here for quite a while and the first thing I'm posting now is 100 year old me


I came across this LJ and found the contest (draw yourself as a 100 year old!) and thought it would be fun to join! Looking back at the drawing I wish I made it more extreme, like hanging jowls, liver spots, seriously saggy boobs but I don't have the heart to draw me in saggy boobs T__T.

Anyway there's dentures all over the ground because each time I yell, one'll pop out of my mouth, and because I have less than stellar eyessight but too proud to admit it, I can't find the dentures on the ground and will then go off to make a new one.


This is YonGumix: Meow - debuting in SDCC '09! Cover is done by darkkof and content contributors are aimo, Mel Celestial, and yours truly. It'll published by Blatant Publishing and sold at their booth at SDCC this year so if you're going, do drop by and support us!

Also, Lonely Artblog is going to be updated somewhat regularly again, so keep a lookout and kick my ass when I'm not updating, ok? (not too hard though, or I'll kick you back)

Tags: 100 years, yongumix
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