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Japan Charity Auction [16 Mar 2011|04:24am]
A charity auction community has been recently set up on LiveJournal to gather donations for the victims of the tsunami/earthquake catastrophe in Japan.

To date there's about a thousand artists, crafters, writers and a lot of other talented people who are lending their services to anyone who is willing to donate to the relief fund. If you wish and have the time to spare, you can pitch in for the cause or check out the goods listed to see if there's anything that you might like. At any rate, both ways will still help a lot!!

I am also participating, if anyone is interested. I'm offering 3 full colour 3 sketch cards, or 1 9x12 drawing, depending on what the highest bidder will want. The bidding begins at $10.

This is my auction thread if you wish participate!


Thanks so much and I'll really appreciate it if you'll help spread the word around!

Links about the auction:


(any questions you have you might want to check this out)


(list of vetted funds to donate to - safer so one won't get scammed!)


Thanks so much, guys!!

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FLOP FLOP FLIP FLOP FLOPPY & Dr GirlfriendCollapse )


Wicked Witch in her green glory! She is obtainable here:


Also, first time selling stuff on eBay! This is a pre-release return card for Legends & Lore card set from Sadlittles.com, which I was supposed to complete earlier and put up on eBay but didn't because EBAY FREAKS ME OUT THAT MUCH. SO CONFUSING. I don't have that much attention span to read all the little snoots and snits XD
Makes me wonder how I even pass exams in school haha!

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Mel is crazy [24 Jun 2009|06:25pm]

My colleague went up to my chair and did this. Maybe it's payback for what I did the last time XD

Off to watch Blood: The Last Vampire tonight!
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Whew! [19 Jun 2009|03:50pm]
I haven't been posting here for quite a while and the first thing I'm posting now is 100 year old me


I came across this LJ and found the contest (draw yourself as a 100 year old!) and thought it would be fun to join! Looking back at the drawing I wish I made it more extreme, like hanging jowls, liver spots, seriously saggy boobs but I don't have the heart to draw me in saggy boobs T__T.

Anyway there's dentures all over the ground because each time I yell, one'll pop out of my mouth, and because I have less than stellar eyessight but too proud to admit it, I can't find the dentures on the ground and will then go off to make a new one.

And another thingCollapse )
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[02 May 2009|10:19am]
[ mood | bored ]

Wow.. I haven't updated here for a month. No, I didn't leave LJ. But I am too lazy to type XD It's been quite a hectic past month, and lots of things happened, some for the better, some for worst. At any rate, I find myself putting lots of sketches and new art in my art blog HERE. So feel free to browse through!

Also, I've started up a series of comic strips called Adventures of Mr Oniyon. In case you don't know, Mr Oniyon is that yellow dude dancing with the panda on my user pic. He is quite cute. And the strips are quite funny :) Do take a look! Thanks muchly :D

Now I have to go and clean my home. My cat is neglected and my place is dirty and I have to fix that >.

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